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“Mesmerising alt-pop queen on the rise” - Notion-

Emma Danelon, also known as LaPrima, is a young singer and songwriter based in London, with Italian heritage. Her style and music is authentic, fresh, quirky, fun and mysterious. “Emma’s vocals are direct, bright and melodic. Her sound is incredibly lush and textural, channelling genres as diverse as pop, art pop and trip-hop, among others”.

Her rhythmic and emotional music gives the audience a glimpse of a potentially successful music career for the newcomer.

The stylish singer moved to London few years ago to pursue a career in music. She cites Dua Lipa, Banks, Frank Ocean, Raye as recent influences of her current direction of music, and the likes of Michael Jackson, Massive Attack, Daft Punk and Amy Winehouse as her other influences

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